Tuesday, March 2, 2010

For the the fans by a fan

Heard of AniMaid Cafe? If you haven't heard of it you have been missing out big time! -_-

To those of you that have been attending to the AniMaid Cafe events, you have made the right choice. I bet you're a big fan now! ^_^

Let me tell you about my first time, my first experience with AniMaid Cafe...

I was at A.X. 2009 for the very first time. I was minding my own business and taking pictures of the cosplayers, when all of a sudden I see this cute girl dressed in a maid outfit. She had AniMaid Cafe flyers, so she gave me one and I went right away to buy a ticket at their booth.

Never did I imagine AniMaid Cafe would be so much fun. I was in!

I opened the door to a world of happiness. you get there and a maid or host greets you and takes you to your table. They wait for you to settle down and they talk to every individual that's sitting with you. Always polite and with a smile on their face. ( I felt like a princess!)

Next, maid or host tells you the menu and brings the food to you. After you're done eating they bring you dessert.

While all this is going on you get to play really fun games, like rock them sock them and Jenga against the maids and host. I played a few games, but my favorite game was moe moe jan ken po. That night I won against a full house! I won me a cool figurine.

I wish I would have cosplayed. There was a first place and a second price winner.

Throughout the whole event the maids were singing and dancing to the most favorite anime songs. Also they had guest of honor. My all time favorite dance of the maids is Mune Mune Kyun. At the end we got to take pictures at the photo booth with the maids and host. You could pick your favorite maids or hosts.

To me this was an amazing experience that lasted two hours of my day. I was happy to be in a place were people are so kind and friendly. Being at AniMaid Cafe made me forget all of my problems and stresse's that life brings to you.

AniMaid Cafe is all about having fun. You get to bring out the inner child in you. You eat, you play, you dance, you take pictures, and you can even make a whole lot of new friends.

So next time you hear AniMaid Cafe is having an event, make sure to go. I hope to meet you soon AniMaid Cafe fans!

I will continue posting all about the AniMaid Cafe to keep you up to date with pictures and videos of the kawaii maids and host.

Please feel free to give donations to AniMaid Cafe, they want to keep on improving their events for all of you fans out there. Also feel free to share with me your experiences with AniMaid Cafe. http://animaidcafe.org/home.shtml

I hope you like the pictures I posted.